Web3 is the manifestation of our shared creation.

By connecting people all across the globe to opportunities, Web3Futur gets to take part in building more democracy and access in tech and the world at large.


Web3Futur is the web3 learning platform that inspired the creation of Web3Futur Jobs. As we were writing an article for the blog, How to start a career in crypto or blockchain, we realized that we could take helping people a step further. In addition to helping people learn about web3, we could help them transition into a web3 career. So, within a day, we built and launched the MVP that is Web3Futur Jobs.


Supporting talent and companies in discovering each other is part of our effort to enhance Web3 and cultivate a safe and welcoming culture. We pride ourselves on providing curated job boards with the best organizations in web3 to reach talented people.

Web3Futur Jobs is all about helping global talent ease into a web3 career and connect with DAOs and companies who are leading innovation in the space.


Expanding web3 requires shared effort and support in building. For this reason, Web3Futur seeks to make partnerships with other brands in the web3 space with the intention of developing blockchain.

Keen to join hands? Let us know.